47 Elm St. | Westfield NJ

T: (908) 233-9133
F: (908) 233-8802

Welcome to Theresas

Here at Theresa’s you’ll find our proof is in the Pasta made Fresh Daily which is the base for our unsurpassed Sautéed pasta dishes. You’ll find attention to detail baked into every one of our homemade desserts including the legendary Banana Bread Pudding. You’ll experience the dedication from our attentive and informed staff as they guide you through a try remarkable dining experience. Come and find out what has kept Westfieldians at the edge of their dining room chairs, fork in hand, ready for seconds and become a believer yourself.

We hope you enjoy dining with us at Theresa's. Should you have any questions or comments you would like to share regarding our menu, banquet facilities, or your dining experience, please do so.

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